Sunday, September 14, 2008

~ Birthday Celebrations~

September come again!
On the 13th of September(which was like 2 days ago), my family held a 4-in-1 birthday celebrations the September babies (Hidayah, Haziq and K.long + My auntie 21st anniversary wif her hubby)

That's a Chocolate Bananas cake, sponsored by me from Secret Recipe, and the taste is just like the name itself - heavenly!

Hidayah name not appear hahaha bec0z i totally forget bout her birthday. Sorry Dayah!!

Oh btw, this is the early birthday present that I gave Haziq..(mama Haziq biler lg nak g naik Cameron ni?? Baju panas dah ada ni)

Birthday Boy + Cutest rascals

Birthday Gulzzz Dayah hikhikhik...*pics courtesy from Hidayah doc. Sorry!! I do not want to upload the family pic bcoz all of them not wore tudung time tu huhuhu..

3rd birthday gulzz..Kak long wif red tudung (my SIL)...preggy women was my sister huhuhu (lihat purut nya .. buncit bkn..)


  1. So yummy cake dat bananaz caze!

  2. Yeah rite! dats cake was so deliciouzz!


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